Judgment Show

August 12, 2023

Q: What is a Judgment Show?

A: The judgment-related internet radio show that started on the CJC Music Network. The show was cancelled, because of the apathy of judgment enforcers. The show should be on BlogTalk Radio and iTunes.

JudgmentBuy sponsored and created the first and original judgment radio show, hosted by JudgmentBuy. The Judgment Showcase provided current information on judgment-related topics and anyone can call in and ask a question about anything related to Judgment Recovery. On iTunes, search for JudgmentBuy or Judgment Showcase.

As the Judgment Showcase is on the web, it is available to everyone. Guests were very welcome on the Judgment Show, It was mostly live, so we could not control everything, we did our best and let the chips fall where they may.

See: Judgment Radio Show.

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