JudgmentBuy Explained

August 11, 2023


Some people have already heard of, or know about JudgmentBuy. I am writing this article to tell people that this company is not a scam, and really helps judgment owners, and enforcers, collection lawyers, and collection agencies.

I know a good company when I see one, because my job is to review companies. I have not been able to find one bad thing about JudgmentBuy.

JudgmentBuy is a referral company for anything related to judgment recovery. They have a free, 3-way solution for everyone with, or involved with, judgments:

1) Anyone owning a judgment can send it to them, and they will find the right judgment buyer or contingency expert to recover the creditor’s money. This is accomplished with no hassle, saves everyone time, increases privacy, and increases the chances creditors will be paid.

They only refer creditors to the right contingency solutions, never any money out of pocket for the creditor, or anyone else. When the right expert is found, you get an email. Tell JudgmentBuy your preferences, and you will refer you to the best solution for your judgment, at no cost or obligation to you.

The fee for enforcing small or average tough judgments is usually 50%. This is only collected if the judgment is enforced and the creditor is paid. If the judgment is not enforceable then nobody gets paid, so the incentives are in the right places. With JudgmentBuy you can be assured that you will only be referred to a no-money-upfront recovery solution, so you never need to pay any upfront money.

2) Anyone with a judgment lead they do not want to recover, can refer it to them and get paid.

3) Quality recovery professionals can get the best judgment leads for free. All leads are screened for bankruptcy, skip traced (using public record databases), with a simple asset report summary. Every lead is in the form of a uniquely-numbered PDF that includes a copy of the judgment, and more. Every lead is with no obligation, and sent to at most, two professionals at a time.

There is no obligation to take any judgment leads, but if you do, you get pre-sold, informed creditors that are not compulsive shoppers. You prepare your standard paperwork with the creditor, and start recovering. This is a refreshing change from having to spend considerable hours and money to find, qualify, screen, and judgment raw leads (which are usually worthless).

JudgmentBuy is a great service for everyone, their web site is at http://www.judgmentbuy.com. I wish you all the best in either recovering your judgment or making money enforcing judgments.

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