JudgmentBuy helps recover Judgments

August 11, 2023


What is JudgmentBuy’s role in enforcing judgments?

JudgmentBuy is a judgment enforcement catalyst. JudgmentBuy helps judgment and debt owners get paid more quickly. As Judgment Brokers, we charge judgment owners nothing, make things simple, and improve the results from recovering money from, or selling a judgment. See our What is a Judgment Broker? article.

JudgmentBuy is the free (and no hassle) judgment matching service. JudgmentBuy refers and introduces plaintiffs/Original Judgment Creditors (OJCs) to the right Judgment Buyers and Judgment Enforcers (JEs) – carefully matched to judgments and debtors. We match judgment owners with the one judgment enforcer or buyer most likely to recover money from the judgment debtor. This match helps make magic (the debtor’s assets returned to the OJC) more likely to happen.

JudgmentBuy is the best place to send your judgment. Never a cost to the OJC, and no upfront costs to the JE, free leads to the best enforcers and collection agencies and lawyers. Everyone gets paid upon a successful recovery.

Submit your information to JudgmentBuy just once to us, and we handle the rest. Sit back, relax, and wait for us to email/contact you when we find the (no obligation) best solution for you.

Using public information sources we gather, research, and validate the judgment and the debtor, and then refer the lead (with no upfront cost) to a qualified Judgment Buyer or JE. If the JE is successful – they, JudgmentBuy, the finder of the judgment, and most importantly – the OJC gets paid by the debtor. That’s our goal.

JudgmentBuy helps in 3 ways:

1) A one-stop place for OJCs to find the right JE to recover money from their judgment debtor.

2) A simple way for anyone (including JEs) to refer judgments to us, and get a 5% Finders’s fee, if and when the judgment is enforced.

3) The best referral judgment leads for JEs with fully-informed OJCs, and screened (using public data sources) debtors – matched to the location of the JE.

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