JudgmentBuy Improves in 2012

August 11, 2023

For years, JudgmentBuy.com, has been the best solution to start any judgment recovery or sale. As of June 27, 2012, JudgmentBuy has made several important improvements which have delighted judgment owners worldwide. More improvements are coming soon. John Adams, manager of JudgmentBuy.com explains, over the last few years we learned:

1) The cash up-front judgment buyer is very weak, leading to vast disappointment and frustration for most judgment owners hoping to sell their judgment cash-up front, at a higher price than an actual judgment buyer will pay. JudgmentBuy.com no longer supports cash upfront, sorry.

2) Most creditors do not want to assign their judgments to anyone.

3) Many judgment enforcers have either gone out of business, or are flaking out, and many are not very good at recovering challenging judgments. Of the 1,400 judgment enforcers that have signed up, JudgmentBuy no longer refers judgment owners to 1,350 of them, and now refers and recommends only 50 of them to judgment owners.

4) Judgment debtors are more likely to pay, when an attorney-owned collection agency’s collection lawyer recovers a judgment against them.

5) Most creditors care much more about the price to recover a judgment, than about any other factor. The less they pay to get their judgment recovered, the better. Most creditors tend to keep shopping until they find the cheapest price.

6) Most creditors want either no paperwork, or to fill out and sign only simple one-page paperwork.

JudgmentBuy has solved all of these problems for judgment creditors, with free judgment referrals with no paperwork, at better prices (nationwide for 33% and world-wide at 50%), better recovery experts, and better referrals at a much faster speed.

Adams continues, JudgmentBuy.com has improved so much, we now capture most of the judgment shoppers. Also, we place judgments instantly, no more judgments lagging around on lists. Also, JudgmentBuy refers creditors only to the best collection companies (owned and run by lawyers, that use only lawyers to recover judgments) and attorneys now, and a few (proven to be the best) judgment enforcers too.

JudgmentBuy has always been the leader in judgment leads, and the recent changes will pay off big for those that refer leads to JudgmentBuy. Anyone that refers a judgment owner to JudgmentBuy.com, now has a good chance receiving a check later, for half of whatever JudgmentBuy makes.

JudgmentBuy has referred 1,601 individual judgment owners for free so far (and far more in portfolios), with no hassles and no paperwork required. The referrals are with no obligation, to contingency experts that do not get paid until the judgment owner does, with no risks because the judgment owners get to keep their judgments, no need to assign them now.

Note that there are still many judgment enforcers that have been with JudgmentBuy for years, and have proven their qualities and skills in recovering judgments and in being responsive. JudgmentBuy still refers judgment owners to these vetted judgment enforcers, and creditors are safe assigning their judgment to JudgmentBuy-screened enforcers.

Adams concludes, “JudgmentBuy is the best judgment solution. We are very good, expert-based, and plugged into the world of actual buyers and contingency recovery solutions. JudgmentBuy is not magic for creditors, although we come closer than any other company.”

JudgmentBuy Improves Again in 2012! Again in 2016

Only one month after the previous round of improvements at JudgmentBuy that revolutionized the judgment recovery business, JudgmentBuy has improved again, to now offer recovery solutions that are an order of magnitude better and faster, for judgment owners and judgment enforcers wanting to outsource judgments; along with other important improvements.

Last month in June 2012, JudgmentBuy became the first judgment referral company to abandon recommendations to assign judgments to average judgment enforcers. John Adams, manager of JudgmentBuy.com explained: “That change turbocharged our business, it turns out, that was a sore point for judgment owners. Too often, they had been assigning their judgments to confident and professional-sounding enforcers, who later flaked, leaving their judgments in limbo. JudgmentBuy is now at judgment referral # 1,804, and has referred thousands more judgments in bundles. JudgmentBuy no longer has any paperwork for creditors, unless we refer them to individual expert contingency lawyers.”

Adams continued, “The biggest change came about a week ago, when we found a unique worldwide collection company that uses attorneys to recover judgments. What makes that collection company unique is their partnership with JudgmentBuy, where JudgmentBuy first screens their judgment leads. With a JudgmentBuy referral, they have a “15 day” deal. The referred companies charge judgment owners nothing upfront, and charge 50% of what may be recovered; and they promise to get you results in 15 days, or they will return your judgment!”

“That is a first in the recovery industry, and available only through JudgmentBuy. JudgmentBuy now is far and away, the best solution for all re judgments. If there are no results in 15 days, JudgmentBuy finds the judgment owner another solution the next day!”

JudgmentBuy has added a dozen top-notch worldwide collection agencies, all that do not require assigning your judgment. When the judgment is big and your judgment debtor is rich, JudgmentBuy finds you reliable and expert contingency experts, with rates lower and better than you could find anywhere else.

JudgmentBuy now has 4 of the very best recovery solutions for typical judgments, including judgment buyers nationwide. All of JudgmentBuy’s free, no obligation, and same day referral solutions; are to recovery solutions that do not have any upfront fees, or require the assignment of your judgment.

JudgmentBuy added 10 nationwide judgment buyers in the last month, making JudgmentBuy, the best place to find an actual buyer for your judgment. John Adams reminds everyone “Please make sure that you supply all important information about your judgment debtor, because if your judgment debtor cannot be found, your judgment is worthless.”

The BlogTalk Radio internet Judgment Show, sponsored by JudgmentBuy, with host John Adams, has been abandoned. The Judgment Show covers anything related to judgments and the judgment business, welcomes callers and has guests. The show and podcast are of interest to anyone with a judgment or in the judgment business, details at: http://www.judgmentbuy.com/JudgmentRadioShow.html

With thousands of judgment buyers, contingency lawyers and experts, and the best worldwide collection companies; there is no better place to find a solution for your judgment than JudgmentBuy. More information can be found at http://www.judgmentbuy.com

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