JudgmentBuy Is Unique

August 11, 2023


Q. What is unique about JudgmentBuy, and what is the history of your company?

A: About our history, we used to enforce judgments for a decade or so. Then we discovered what was best for everyone, and what we are best at since 2001: JudgmentBuy.

JudgmentBuy is unique as we were the first to combine the words Judgment and Broker – Judgment Broker. Also because of our skills, competence, experience, attitude, constant improvement, innovations, and documented system that helps everyone except debtors. (We want debtors to be treated as well as can be, and as much they allow.)

JudgmentBuy has special databases, contacts, knowledge, goals, and techniques. JudgmentBuy matches Judgment enforcers, contingency collection lawyers, agencies, and judgment buyers, with judgment creditors; better than anyone else.

JudgmentBuy invented
Judgment Brokering, perfected judgment lead referrals, was the first to offer free
Judgment Enforcement training. We started (and ended) our free teleconferences, and used to host a judgment-related podcast, you can find them on Itunes. We dicontinued them because nobody seemed to care.
Then we were the first judgment company to abandon assignments to flaky enforcers, then offered worldwide judgment recovery.

There is at least one person and probably others – that have claimed the concept of judgment coops (see our Coop article), leads, and referrals is “theirs”. This is simply not true. (Neither did Al Gore invent the Internet, or that a list of cities and states is one person’s invention.) Common, long existing methods, ideas, and things are not intellectual property. JudgmentBuy’s system works very well – but we cannot patent what we do. What JudgmentBuy does is already common knowledge, and in the public domain.

We do not know who did the first judgment referral, or the first judgment lead system. These concepts have been around for at least 40 years. JudgmentBuy (vastly) improved on very old concepts to make a mutually beneficial system for everyone.

Our “secret” is we constantly maintain and improve our sustainable system, where everyone except the debtor is more likely to benefit financially.

Judgment coops have been used by Judgment Enforcement Professionals for many years. Any experienced Judgment Enforcement Professional will tell you this concept is not new, and has been done for many years.

Businesses have been using referral systems, and sharing profits for centuries.

The concept of referrals have been around for at least a thousand years or more. We call it a referral program, other call it joint venture partnerships. Many industries use joint ventures. We refer screened judgment leads to a Judgment Enforcer for a small percentage of a potential recovery – as is done in many joint venture programs.

Ideas and concepts are great – but it’s excellent customer service, constant (learning, performance, and improvement) that really counts.

Another way JudgmentBuy is unique is, this is all we do. We do not run other web sites or have other businesses. This means we focus all of our attention on helping judgments get bought and recovered.

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