Lawyer, or a Judgment Enforcer?

August 12, 2023


Q. Will JudgmentBuy refer me to a Lawyer or a Judgment Enforcer?

A: JudgmentBuy will refer you for free, to the right expert to recover your money. On small, medium, or difficult judgments, all experts charge an average of fifty percent. The expert we refer you to, may be either a Judgment Enforcer or a contingency collections attorney, depending on the location and situation of your debtor. We are the experts, nobody can pick the right expert for your judgment better than JudgmentBuy.

Unlike most lawyers, JudgmentBuy-referred contingency collection attorneys are expert recovery lawyers with a proven track record of being the best at recovering judgments. And, they have all signed an agreement with JudgmentBuy, to give you a 10% discount, and are pure contingency, so usually, you pay nothing upfront, nothing per month, just a percentage of any recovered judgment money.

When judgments do not look really easy, most pure contingency lawyers charge an average of 50% of that they recover. (Those referred by JudgmentBuy charge 10% less.) The reason this rate is a bargain is that it is pure contingency. While one can find lawyers to recover judgments for (e.g.) 35%, you must pay a retainer and many expenses during recovery. When you have to pay for expenses and fees, that’s not a pure contingency arrangement. JudgmentBuy refers you only to pure contingency lawyers. While collection agencies charge less, they do less. Most just write letters, an aggressive lawyer at 50% gets results, a letter from a 25% collection agency usually gets you nothing.

To protect all parties, and to keep JudgmentBuy’s referrals arms-length transactions, we ask that you, the original judgment creditor, sign and return JudgmentBuy’s short Agreement form PDF. In exchange for JudgmentBuy’s expert referral, IF your judgment is recovered, we ask for half of what we saved you, 5%. On a 50% contingency, that’s 50% for you, 45% for the attorney, and 5% for JudgmentBuy – IF our referred expert recovers your money. A short time after you return JudgmentBuy’s form, the lawyer will send you their paperwork. You are not obligated when you sign JudgmentBuy’s agreement, you are not obligated when we refer you to the lawyer, you are only obligated when our referred expert lawyer pays you money. We only get paid after you get paid.

The economy is making most pure contingency lawyers and Judgment Enforcers way too picky. Many pure contingency collection lawyers who take small or tough judgments keep any accrued interest they may collect, which lets them recover more average judgments on a pure-contingency basis. The contingency collection lawyers that JudgmentBuy partners with are the best. You retain ownership of your judgment, you do not have to assign it to anyone. Every contingency attorney recovers judgments their own way.

How does it work when JudgmentBuy refers you to a contingency collection lawyer? That is up to each attorney, and depends on each judgment situation. The lawyer gets a JudgmentBuy lead absolutely free and with no obligation. They will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have. JudgmentBuy’s referred lawyers typically work on a contingency-fee arrangement whereby they split any monies collected between you and them, in accordance with a written contract signed between you and them.

Lawyers and contingency agencies usually charge 50% of monies recovered for small judgments. (The 50% rate is just an example.) However, pursuant to an agreement that they have with JudgmentBuy, they have agreed to reduce their fees to you by 10%, so they would keep 45% of any recovery of money as their fee, instead of 50%.

Lawyers are not allowed to pay JudgmentBuy referral fees, so JudgmentBuy has a fair system where the lawyers discount their rate to you. JudgmentBuy requires you pay JudgmentBuy part of the savings JudgmentBuy bring you, only if you get paid extra by the lawyer.

For example, if the lawyer was able to recover $1,000 from your debtor next month. They would send you $550 as your 55% of that portion of the recovery, and you would be responsible later for sending JudgmentBuy (5%) $27.50, pursuant to your separate contract with JudgmentBuy. (See JudgmentBuy’s short Agreement PDF form.) We will send you this form right before we refer you to the best contingency expert for your judgment. This form is just between you and JudgmentBuy, it is not filed at any court. Next, the Contingency Lawyer will send you their paperwork, that is between you and them.

Judgment enforcement is not guaranteed and when money comes in, in comes in chunks, part one day, part later – is very common. For this reason, we ask you to send JudgmentBuy 5% of what you get on each payment, because we saved you 10% at the start. We think this is fair because of the discount we get for you, our work in screening your debtor, and the time and hassle we save you. If you get $5,500.00, you would pay JugmentBuy $275.00, which is less than the amount of extra money we arranged for you to save.

Recovering money from a judgment debtor is never easy and usually involves at least some minor fees, such as court filing fees, recording fees, and process serving fees. When possible, these fees are recovered from the debtor. The lawyer will file a form with the court to add these fees to the debt owed by the debtor. Sometimes these costs are recoverable, sometimes not, it depends on the debtor’s situation.

The lawyer or agency always pay such fees upfront, however they must be reimbursed before they split the money recovered with you. Please note, that even though they are an attorney, they never charge you for their time as JudgmentBuy refers you to pure contingency recovery lawyers or pure contingency collection agencies. The fees are only actual, out-of-pocket court-related expenses incurred by the lawyer.

So, a more accurate version of the above example might look like: $1,000 collected next month, with $35 in fees incurred, leaving $965, of which the lawyer keeps 45%, and sends you 55% of that – $530.75, and later you would pay JudgmentBuy 5%, $26.53.

Note that JudgmentBuy’s referrals costs you nothing unless you first get extra money from our referral, nothing upfront, and almost always saves you money. The lawyer or collection agency we refer you agrees to discount their normal fee. Without using Judgmentbuy’s expertise, you would not save any money, and would have less chance of recovering any of your money.

Q: What happens if the attorney JudgmentBuy refers you to does not like your judgment case or either side decides to drop each other?

A: In that case the JudgmentBuy contract will be void. You only pay JudgmentBuy if our referral pans out. For any reason, if you do not get paid by the referred lawyer we introduce you to, we do not get paid. We earn our money by successfully finding you the best expert for your judgment, that offers you the most chance of recovering your money. Whether your money is recovered, depends mostly on the judgment debtor, however our referrals are valuable as they are based on the best experience and expertise successfully referring thousands of judgments. Because we are only paid for success, we have every incentive to find you the best expert for your judgment. If it does not work out, you do not get paid and we do not get paid.

Q: Can you tell me a little about the attorney you have found, why you think he is great, how much has he looked into my case already, and his confidence level, do you have any past experience with them?

A: Judgment recovery is not guaranteed. Any law firm JudgmentBuy refers you to has a lawyer partner in the same state as your judgment debtor. We cannot tell you who the lawyer is until you sign and return our agreement, however signing our agreement does not obligate you in any way. You send us the signed agreement, we refer you to the lawyer, then you decide if you want them to try to recover your judgment. You can choose everything at that point, you can say YES, you can say NO, however JudgmentBuy’s referral is a very good choice as it bypasses assigning your judgment to a mortal enforcer. Because you retain ownership of your judgment, and our constant screening, there is not much risk with the lawyer company we refer you to.

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