Lawyer says JudgmentEnforcement is illegal

August 12, 2023

Q: My lawyer said “What judgment enforcers, who are not lawyers, are doing is violating the debt collection act (both the Federal and California versions). Purchasing judgments is a risky business. Only “pros” deal with this kind of thing. Amateurs get burned. The pros utilize a small group of attorneys that specialize in debt collection.” What do you say to that?

A: We think your lawyer could be concerned about the competition.
Judgment enforcers (JEs) are mostly professionals and know the laws. They know about the (State and Federal) Rosenthal (California Civil Codes 1788 – 1788.30 and, FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act – (PDF links) here, and GLB Acts (U.S.C. § 1692, 6801-6809) and related laws.

Perhaps your lawyer either does not know much about professional JEs – or is worried about losing the money you would have paid the lawyer? Post judgment lawyers get paid by the hour – JEs only get paid for success. (And JEs do hire attorneys when necessary.) JudgmentBuy partners with, and refers judgment owners to the best contingency collection attorneys for free.

Yes, if one does not know the laws and does not know what they are doing, many things can go wrong, some mistakes could be very costly. The experts JudgmentBuy refers you to know enough, and have a track record of showing, they know not to make mistakes.

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