Local Judgment Enforcement is important

August 13, 2023


There are many advantages when JudgmentBuy selects a Judgment Enforcer or lawyer (JE) that works local to the judment debtor. JudgmentBuy has judgment enforcers close to your debtor. Here are the top six reason local judgment recovery is important:

1) When a JE recovers judgments in the same court many times, it means they are more familiar with the judges, rules, and procedures in the courts local to them.

2) Debtor exams and other court motions and actions become more convenient for the JE.

3) The judgment debtor’s assets, habits, and situation are easier to determine.

4) Witnesses and third-parties are easier to find.

5) Debtors are often more willing to pay, when they know the odds have been changed, by having a local JE next to them.

6) When documents are delivered in person to the court, there are no unexplained delays. Filing documents by mail can add months to enforcement efforts.

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