Make Money Finding Judgments

August 12, 2023


This article explains how anyone that either knows how (or can learn) to do marketing, search court web sites, or access court records, can make money finding and referring judgment leads.

Note that about 95% of raw judgment leads do not pan out. The most profitable way to make money by referring judgment leads is to sell them to a judgment broker, who pays half of their profit to you, upon a successful judgment recovery of your judgment lead.

The basic concept is, you find judgment leads. A judgment lead is finding simple written information describing a civil money judgment, where money is owed by one or more person (or entities) to another. A civil money judgment lead is one that specifies an amount owed.

All you need is the creditor’s (plaintiff’s) name, and at least one other way to contact the creditor, for example their phone number, address, or email address.

How much are judgment leads worth? Judgments are not cash, and are only worth the amount of money a judgment debtor can be legally persuaded to pay. It’s not the amount listed on the judgment, it’s the amount of available assets of the judgment debtor that counts.

Of course, any real work-at-home, or be-your-own-boss way to make money is not as easy as it first looks. Finding judgment leads is not a way to get rich quickly, it is a way to get rich slowly by working. That is the way it is with all real opportunities.

Every business opportunity advertised as being easy and leading to quick riches is a scam. Finding judgment leads is not a scam, because you do not pay anyone, there is no multi-level marketing, no selling, and you can get paid for your work.

What makes it difficult to make money finding judgment leads is that there are so many pitfalls that may prevent the judgment lead from paying off. To make money from a judgment lead, the judgment must be recoverable, meaning the judgment debtor can be found and has available assets.

The first challenge is finding the creditor. The next challenge is finding and screening the judgment debtor.

What makes an income producing judgment lead is beyond the scope of this article, here are the most common reasons a judgment lead may be worthless here:

Inability to find the creditor or the judgment debtor, bankruptcy, disability, death, or old age of the debtor. Judgment is vacated, set-aside, already satisfied, already assigned to another recovery entity.

Another way a judgment lead can be worthless is if the creditor is too big. A bank, credit union, credit card, or government entity will never let any outsider recover their judgments. A big company creditor usually uses only their in-house solution.

Even though most judgment leads are no-goes, there is money to be made for those willing to sift through the mud to find the nuggets of gold.

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