Multiple Email Signatures

August 12, 2023

I am a judgment broker who writes often. An email signature is something everyone should consider using in their email settings, especially if their email address name is not related to their real name. Email signatures help your emails be more credible and professional, and they help make your emails more likely to be answered.

Your email signature can be as simple as one line having your name, email address, and perhaps your phone number. If you have a website or a business, consider mentioning that too. If you have a business, perhaps add a line about what you do, and maybe also your address or PO Box.

Some people use multiple signatures, and some also use multiple email addresses. Examples of alternate email signatures is one for work, one for a part-time home business, and a personal email for friends and family.

Some email programs and web-based email systems make it easy to use multiple signatures. Gmail and Outlook support multiple signatures, while Yahoo only supports this in their paid-level accounts.

Another way to have multiple signatures is to keep a plain text document handy on your computer, with all your email signatures. It is very quick and easy to copy them, and paste them to the end of your emails.

One more idea for email systems with only one signature allowed such as Yahoo basic, is to have several signatures within your one signature. Then, you can quickly delete all but one, before you send each email.

Yahoo seems to have more of a problem with hacking, hijacking, spam, and viruses, than most of the others. To set up your email signature on Yahoo:

1) Log into your Yahoo email account.

2) Once in your inbox, move your mouse cursor over the funny-looking symbol (which looks like a gear) near the top, at the very far right-hand side of the window (beneath your tool-bars). This symbol will be right next to your Yahoo! thumbnail Avatar and your name.

3) Once you move your mouse cursor over the gear symbol, a drop down list will appear. Select “Mail Options”.

4) A new “Options” tab will pop up. On the left-hand side of the window, near the top of the page, you will see a section called “Mail Options”. The second item listed underneath “Mail Options” is “Signature”. Click on “Signature”.

5) A box will pop up, where you can fill in whatever you want, to get included in your email signature. After you are done typing, click the orange “Save” button located on the left-hand side, just above the text box you filled in.

To set up your email on Outlook Express: It is under Tools, Options, Mail Format, Signatures.

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