My last Judgment Enforcer was a dud!

August 12, 2023


Q. I turned my judgment over to another judgment enforcement company a year ago, they have done nothing, can I send it to JudgmentBuy? Can your judgment enforcers do better?

A: Most likely yes. Perhaps the reason “they have done nothing” is the debtor has nothing. Other reasons include that the debtor was too far away, too sneaky, etc.

If your judgment enforcer is out of business or refuses to communicate with you, see our When Judgment Enforcers Flake article. Starting in 2016, this should never happen again when you use us, because JudgmentBuy fired all their unresponsive or non-performing judgment “experts”.

To have JudgmentBuy find the right judgment enforcer to enforce your judgment, you must first convince your current judgment enforcer to assign the judgment back to you. After that is done – you can quickly assign your judgment to the right JudgmentBuy-selected judgment Enforcer.

Sometimes the judgment debtor’s lack of assets is the primary reason the first judgment enforcer failed to recover the debtor’s assets. This reminds us of changing lines at a busy bank – your line does not move, so you move to a quicker-moving line. Once there, the line you were in – moves quickly.

When judgment debtors have no assets showing – judgment enforcers can wait, plan, cooperate, and research. They can keep checking debtors until they find and seize their assets.

About judgment enforcers that are really good – compared to those that “do nothing”: Most of the time, everything depends on the debtor.

If the debtor is 25, and has a house(s) with no debt, owns expensive car(s) with no liens, several bank accounts with lots of money, and a great job – most judgment enforcers will get money for you fast.

If the debtor is 81, and lives in a homeless shelter, and owns nothing – no judgment buyer will buy your judgment and most judgment enforcers will recover nothing from this type of debtor.

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