My Prozac Nightmare

August 12, 2023


I am a judgment broker and I write about many topics. I thought I had a sinus problem that turned out to be a stomach problem. I got in trouble because doctors told me I had a Somatoform disorder caused by stress. They were very wrong. The cure was primarily exercise and my own discovery of what disease I actually had. I had a painful journey before finding out the unique stomach disease I had.

After doctors checked my body; I was then sent to a Kaiser Northern California psychiatrist who prescribed Prozac for my “sinus” problem. I did not see any logic in taking Prozac for a sinus problem, however I had trusted my doctor.

The first week, I took one capsule per day; and reported to the doctor that it had no effect on me. The doctor told me to take two Prozac capsules per day. After the second week, I told the doctor that it had no effect on me, however later I found out that my friends and family were wondering what was wrong with me.

I know many are helped by Prozac and like it, however I had a terrible experience with it. The really bad news came on the third week, when the doctor told me to take three Prozac capsules per day. On the third day of taking three capsules, I suddenly could not stand up and I could not understand a clock. I could not read or write. I was mentally retarded and emotionally crippled and devastated.

I asked my wife to help me email the doctor what happened to me, and the doctor advised me to go back to two Prozac capsules a day. I decided to crush the capsules and tossed them into the trash.

The impairment from Prozac peaked more than a month after I stopped taking it. With straight faces, all the doctors told me it takes 2-3 months for Prozac to take full effect, however when you stop taking it; “all traces of it leave you within one week”.

Every day off Prozac, I improved slightly; so I eventually calmed down. Of course, I could not drive a car (I still do not drive). A week after stopping Prozac, I removed some things from my car and suddenly had my first massive seizure and fainted and fell backwards; hitting my head on concrete. Luckily my son was home to dial 911 because I was knocked out cold and hurt bad. I was taken to the hospital where they ran every possible test and told me the MRI scan showed a possible brain tumor. Later, a CT scan and another MRI scan showed that I actually did not have a brain tumor. After a week, I was sent home.

I was so glad to be home, however the Prozac and hospital drugs were still in me. I was able to read and write again; however I was often very dizzy, not thinking clearly, and behaved irrationally. My primary care doctor told me I should get one more CT scan. After that, they kept me there for another week; kept me on dangerous drugs, and I was examined by at least a dozen doctors.

Another week of being off Prozac let me use a computer again, and function almost normally; so they let me go home. On my first night home from the hospital, I was very shaky from the powerful drugs they had kept me on. I took an Ambien at night, but for some reason I did not sleep; because I still had some toxic Prozac and other toxic hospital drugs in me. I started to act goofy and could not stand up, so again was taken to the hospital for three more days.

Each day, the effects of Prozac was leaving me, and the awesome me was returning. Only when they sent me home, did they tell me I had a Somatoform disorder. I am getting smarter and healthier every day, and can write articles again; six weeks after stopping Prozac. I no longer get dizzy, and I am finally “back”. I think Prozac makes one more likely to get seizures too.

Occasionally to help clear my sinuses at night, I sometimes enjoy only one 12-ounce beer and one puff of medical grade weed. Some doctors tell me I am an alcoholic even though I drink only one beer some nights. They are wrong, and I find this very moderate combination cleans me out; and makes me feel great, and leaves me sober and ready to work. I find a single puff of weed and one beer far safer for me than any RX pill.

I was just prescribed Elavil (I am not taking it), it is one of the very few drugs that one should never use with weed, melatonin, sunlight, or even dental N20.

Each day, I am recovering more. I stay totally sober these days, refusing to take any pills. My stomach problem is getting better, and Prozac’s toxic effects are leaving me. Compare the side effects of Prozac and weed at this site: www.rxlist.com/prozac-drug.htm, and www.rxlist.com/marijuana/supplements.htm.

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