Pay me Part of my Judgment Upfront?

August 12, 2023


Q: I have a giant note against a deep-pocket debtor. Will you find someone to pay me part of my note upfront?

A: First, about notes. Notes are not judgments. One must sue a debtor to create a judgment. Unless the note is backed up with collateral such a Trust Deed or a pledged secure asset – a note is just a piece of paper.

See our Why Cash Up Front Prices Are Way Down article. Can JudgmentBuy find a judgment buyer to pay you some cash up front? Maybe so, especially if your debtor has a lot of available assets.

In your case, you are asking us to fund your lawsuit. During a lawsuit, anything can happen – and the debtor has ample time to hide assets.

We are not in the lawsuit funding business – but we can refer you to the best lawsuit funding companies. See our Lawsuit Funding and Lawsuit Funding Delays articles.

Also, in court, and later in judgment recovery – nothing is guaranteed. A wise judge once said: “Because something is statutory in nature does not mean, by its very construct it will not have legal argument against it. There is a difference between the “Letter of the law and the spirit of the law” in equity. One must understand that the abstract concepts of the law embody the spirit of the law and not the letter of it in equity.”

Even a judgment, is just a piece of paper until available assets are found, and the judgment is successfully and eventually enforced. If the debtor has lots of available assets, you will probably get your money back quickly, it is just that nobody can/should guarantee that.

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