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August 12, 2023


Q: Why did you not answer my list of questions I emailed you?

A: Are you (perhaps without realizing it) a professional judgment shopper? In your case, you had about 20 questions that all required a lot of research and very long answers.

With JudgmentBuy, there is no longer a need to shop aroud. Your judgment is worth the same amount, which depends entirely on your debtor – and not how many people or companies looks at your judgment.

Pee Wee Herman

When you send a copy of a judgment or a request for a quote to 10-100 people by email; we, and most judgment experts, will assume someone else is already helping you. Why waste our time researching a judgment, when 10-100 other people and companies were sent the same information?

If you email to undisclosed recipients, we assume that means you sent it to (most likely) a lot of people. No professional has the time to answer “copy and pasted” lists of complex and lengthy “homework” questions that were sent to 100 people.

Judgment experts share stories about people who email every Judgment Enforcer they can find, the exact same “canned” lengthy question list. JudgmentBuy answers serious people with complex questions very quickly.

When someone contacts so many Judgment Enforcers they are unable to remember which ones they already contacted, that is too many. Before JudgmentBuy, there was a reason to contact several Judgment Enforcers/entities about your judgment. JudgmentBuy makes that obsolete.

JudgmentBuy has hundreds of judgment lead providers all over the US. When someone contacts 100 Judgment Enforcers, we get at about 50 copies of the same duplicate lead, and ignore it because we know the creditors are shopping.

JudgmentBuy is designed to save you time and hassle. If you are reading this, you already found the best place to find a judgment buyer, contingency collection attorney, agency, or a judgment recovery professional. For free, JudgmentBuy finds the right solution for what you want, on your reasonable terms – Why shop anywhere else?

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