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August 13, 2023


Judgment debtors usually do not voluntarily repay court judgments. The legal ways to make a debtor repay court judgments are complex and expensive. For this reason, many judgment owners look for a Judgment Enforcer.

A Judgment Enforcer is a professional, company, or attorney that convinces, persuades, or (through courts and sheriffs), takes the available assets belonging to a judgment debtor, to make cash available to repay the judgment.

Because of the work and expense and risks required to recover money on a judgment, judgments are almost never worth their face value. (See our Why Cash Up Front Prices Are Way Down article.)

Anyone that recovers judgment money from your judgment debtor will charge you a fee to do so. Anyone that pays cash for a judgment will pay only a (usually very deeply) discounted price for it, as nothing is guaranteed in judgment recovery. Average judgments sell for 1-7% cash upfront, and when the debtor has lots of assets, sometimes much more than 8% of the judgments face value.

Judgment owners want cash in exchange for their judgment as quickly as possible. When one is in a hurry to be paid, they often look online for advertised ways to try to get their judgment money back quickly.

No matter what anyone claims, the speed that money can be obtained from a judgment depends on a unique and specific combination of factors that include the debtor situation, the judgment, and the qualifications of the Judgment Enforcer.

Often people search the web for “Quick Judgment Buyer”, “Judgment Buyer”, “Fast Judgment Buyer”, or “Judgment Buyers”. Those kinds of searches will show many companies, a few of them may be very good, however most companies and many judgment buyers and enforcers often lie.

The problem is every judgment, debtor, and situation is different. Advertised or quoted judgment payment prices only count if and when one is actually paid that quoted price. There is a big difference between words and actions.

“We pay up to 30%” is not the same thing as actually being paid 30%. When an advertiser says “up to 30%” that means there is very little chance of really being paid 30%, because almost all cash judgment sales are for much less than 30%. Even the very best and most reputable judgment buyers need to do their full due diligence, and most cannot pay you instantly. Also on huge judgments, very few buyers can afford to pay anything close to their fair market worth.

In reality, the key to quickly selling your judgment for cash, is to quickly find out how much cash upfront your judgment is really worth. In other words, what does your debtor own, where do they work, etc. When you skip getting the best estimation of the worth of your unique judgment situation, you will probably waste a lot of time and perhaps some money too.

The fastest way to get money for a judgment is to contact a judgment broker. A judgment broker (for free) will quickly get a realistic appraisal of your judgment situation, and you will then be quickly matched to the right (and best) judgment buyer or enforcer for your judgment.

A judgment broker works for with the very best (and constantly updated to verify they are still the best judgment) Enforcers, judgment buyers, contingency collection lawyers, judgment investors, collection agencies, judgment lead providers, judgment debtors, and judgment owners.

A judgment broker never charges the judgment owners anything, and only gets paid by the judgment buyer or enforcer after you get paid. A judgment broker is best qualified to find the right solution to actually get judgment owners paid as fast as reality allows.

The fastest way to get a judgment paid is to find the right solution, which is what judgment brokers do for you free.

If you use a judgment broker, and they tell you your judgment is not worth much cash up front, do yourself a favor and do not shop your judgment to more than 10 judgment buyers after that, because nobody will pay significantly more for your judgment than the judgment broker’s estimate. Instead, consider future-payment contingency judgment enforcement, the way most judgment owners get paid, over time, with no cash out of your pocket.

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