Reality Is Overrated

August 13, 2023

I am a judgment broker who writes a lot. I assert: It is better to feel ok than to be ok. It is better to feel rich than to be rich. It is better to feel happy than to be happy. This article explains why I feel confident making these assertions.

Everything changes, and to some degree, in one way or another; everything is fragile and temporary. Nothing on earth is guaranteed or lasts forever. An unlikely, yet very clear example is, what if you are really ok in every way, yet a meteor then falls from the sky and hits you? That would feel awful. I assert that it is more important to feel ok, than it is to “actually” be ok.

Actually being ok (as judged by your imagination, or by an outside society/media standard), depends on everything, starting with health, freedom from severe pain, having enough love, friends, and money.

When everything is going perfectly, you are actually ok in real life, however sooner or later, part of your actual reality will not be “ok” as defined by imagined, your own, or external standards.

Feeling ok can be a choice that does not depend on your situation. When you are ok with everything, you tend not to suffer. In life, pain is mandatory, and suffering is optional.

Feeling ok will always make you much happier, than wondering if you really are ok. Why worry about if you actually are now, and are going to remain ok? Actually being ok is not as solid or reliable, as intentionally feeling you are ok. It is better to feel ok, than to be ok.

I assert that it is better to feel rich than it is to actually be rich. Perhaps ninety-nine percent of the people in the world thinks and feels they do not have enough money. That means there might be a ninety-nine percent chance you will not actually be “ok” money-wise, in real life. Ok, nove move on to feeling ok with that and do something that makes you smile.

However, what if you could constantly feel like you had plenty of money? You could then use your time trying to make money, save money, and pay bills. You will feel much better paying due bills and feeling rich, than if you constantly worry about your debts and bills.

I think about paying bills only when I pay them. When I think about money, I focus only on making and saving money. For me, it is a fun hobby. This kind of thinking lets me feel ok about money, and avoid worrying.

I assert that it is better to feel happy than to actually be happy. Many people seem to be mirrors of their situations. If they are poor, old, sick, or lonely, they are sad. If and when something good happens, they often are only temporarily happy.

There are two ways to be happier. One way depends on something or everything going or being right.

The other way to be happier is to detach a bit, and feel happy no matter what is going on. Feeling happy when the world is not, is a learned skill. For me, meditation helps, one must follow their own path. Ideally, one can learn to enjoy your work or your situation, or how to enjoy them more.

Thinking “Am I happy?”, or predicting an event or time that will make you happy, is almost a complete waste of thought. It is better to invent happiness, imagine happiness, or create happiness out of the air, and then focus on what you do, not on what the world does.

Worrying is ineffectual. If you can affect the outcome for the positive, then act. If you cannot, then accept you cannot, and then hope for the best. An interesting video about happiness, is at


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