Rejecting A Judgment Solution

August 13, 2023


Every year, our company refers thousands of judgment owners to the very best judgment recovery experts. When creditors understand that buyers only pay what (the debtor can afford and might be made to pay) for judgments, we quickly refer them to reliable buyers.

Over the years, we’ve found a lot of creditors do not go with recommended referrals to judgment experts (that have the best track records). Some of the rejecting creditor’s reasons were so “hilarious”, that I thought they would make an interesting article.

This article is my opinion, and not legal advice. I am a judgment expert, and am not a lawyer. If you ever need any legal advice or a strategy to use, please contact a lawyer. Here are the top five “silly” reasons creditors do not go with our expert judgment referrals:

1) “I Googled the address of the judgment enforcer recommended to me. His (house or office) was not in a (wealthy neighborhood or professional office building) so they must not be successful enough”. A judgment enforcer’s work, home, or mailing address, has nothing to do with their track record of recovering or buying judgments. Many judgment experts use a PO box, not wanting surprise visits from (sometimes loony) judgment debtors.

2) “I searched the web, and found some negative information about that enforcer you recommended to me”. Because anyone can trash anyone else’s name on the web, this is a common problem. Often, the documents shared by these few disgruntled persons are not lodged with any court, and only give one embellished side of their (usually at least partially) fabricated story. Anyone who recovers (or brokers) judgments, makes a few enemies. In our business, when we see this kind of problem, we listen to both sides, before we rule any of our many experts out. We refer people only to professionals with excellent track records. We do not pay attention to what a very few persons with deep personal problems, writes on the web.

3) “I need an enforcer local to my debtor”. Through years of experience, we found that often the best judgment enforcers are those that hire lawyers local to the judgment debtors. When we refer a creditor to an expert, we make sure it is one that has a good track record of successfully recovering or buying judgments where the debtor lives. Even when we explain this to creditors, some still do not like the fact the expert is based in another state. We know from experience, the only thing that counts is the “expert’s” track record in the debtor’s city.

4) “I did not like that enforcer’s paperwork”. Judgment recovery and purchases always requires specific and carefully worded paperwork. Our company has seen the paperwork used by more than 500 experts; and some creditors refuse to sign even the (simplest, fairest, and cleanest) contracts we’ve ever seen. Some creditors will not sign anyone’s contract, and begin their quest to waste the time of many judgment experts; always refusing to sign any judgment professional’s paperwork.

5) “The judgment buyer’s offer to purchase my judgment was an insult, please find me another buyer”. What people pay for a judgment depends only on your debtor’s situation, not who you shop with, or your location or opinions. No judgment buyer will pay more than their own pricing model, based only on the debtor’s available assets.

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