Rescuing Judgments

August 13, 2023

For decades, most judgment enforcers have provided a vital role by helping people that want their judgments recovered, when their judgment situations did not interest pure contingency attorneys. When someone is not an attorney, they cannot represent anyone else, and for that reason, many judgments are assigned to non-attorney judgment enforcers. My articles are my opinions, and not legal advice. I am a judgment broker, and am not a lawyer. If you ever need any legal advice or a strategy to use, please contact a lawyer.

Some judgment enforcers are responsive and professional, and either will attempt to recover your judgment, or upon request; will be inclined to return it to you if they have no current or future plans to recover the judgment. JudgmentBuy is the best place to find the most responsive and professional judgment enforcers and judgment buyers.

However, in our current economy, many judgment enforcers are flaking out. What can you do when your judgment enforcer flakes, disappears, or has done nothing with your judgment and refuses to discuss the topic of returning it to you? The answer may be to attempt to “rescue” your judgment by undoing your assignment to the flaking or unresponsive judgment enforcer.

Before you look for a judgment rescue and recovery solution, or before spending any time or money trying to rescue your judgment, it is important to rule out hopelessly broke or bankrupt judgment debtor situations. The more hopeless your judgment debtor’s situation is, the less important it is for you to get your judgment assigned back.

There are always at least two sides to every story, and often your judgment enforcer will have good reasons for not returning your judgment. For example, if they spent a lot of time and money on your judgment debtor who turned out to have no obvious assets, and the enforcer has recorded property liens, and their valid plan is to simply wait years for the judgment debtor to inherit their parent’s property. Another example would be if there is another creditor’s previous wage levy already in progress, that will be satisfied soon; and the enforcer is waiting for an upcoming opportunity to perform their wage levy attempt.

When your judgment debtor situation seems hopeless, most professional judgment enforcers will assign your judgment back to you upon your request. I have seen judgment situations where a judgment enforcer returned the judgment because it seemed hopeless, a second enforcer took it, and a year later also returned it and said it was hopeless, then a third judgment enforcer got the judgment assigned to them, and they recovered the full judgment amount in six months. Usually with a good enforcer, everything depends only on the debtor’s available assets.

To get your judgment back, it is very reasonable to offer to pay your judgment enforcer their documented court-related costs, and perhaps a bit more, to get the judgment back. If you can find the judgment enforcer, try to work out a deal with them. If nothing else works, and you cannot locate the enforcer, or they are not reasonable about the topic of returning your judgment to you; the answer may be to try to undo the assignment of your judgment at the same court where you first won it. This usually requires hiring a lawyer, and always requires time, money, hassle, and paperwork.

The problem of flaking enforcers is becoming so common that certain judgment enforcers are hiring lawyers to undo specific assignments of judgments, when the original judgment owner contacts them and agrees to later assign their judgment to them for later recovery attempts; or then lets a collection agency’s lawyer(s) attempt to recover their judgment. Usually, this can be done with little or no money required from the original judgment creditor, however the “rescuing enforcer” will recoup their attorney and judgment rescue-related expenses before splitting any future money that might be recovered.

It is easy to find and pay an attorney to try to undo an assignment of judgment, however that is expensive and means you still then have to look for a recovery solution. How can you find a “rescue enforcer” that pays their lawyers to rescue, and then recovers your judgment on a contingency basis? Rescuing judgments away from flaking enforcers, with lawyers hired by new enforcers is fairly new.

The best way to find a contingency judgment rescue solution is to contact a judgment broker, because they know judgment experts that use attorneys, in every state. Another way is to search the web and contact judgment enforcers until you find someone that can help, in the same county as the judgment was rendered in. Note that over time, some flaking judgment enforcers come back and do the right thing, or sometimes you can later find them, and then some, if asked politely, will “straighten up and fly right”.

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