Selling a Judgment for Cash Now

August 9, 2023


Q. I want to sell my judgment for cash now, now what?

A1: Yes, At a very steep discount. First, see our articles about Selling Your Judgment For Cash and Why Cash Up Front Prices Are Falling.

99% of judgment sellers want to be paid far more than their judgments are worth.

A2: JudgmentBuy charges you nothing, and every judgment is different, and every judgment needs a debtor with assets to make it worth anything. JudgmentBuy is the best place to get cash for any judgment. If your debtor is rich, JudgmentBuy will find you the right judgment enforcer instantly.

Nobody pays more than pennies on the dollar cash upfront. If your judgment debtor is rich, many pennies on the dollar. Web sites that brag “We quickly pay up to 50% cash for judgments” are basically lying. (OK, you might win up to a million dollars, you might live to 130, you might become a billionaire, you might become the president of the USA, and you might get 50% cash up-front for your judgment.)

Even when a web site advertises that they will pay you fast, anyone buying your judgment for more than a few pennies on the dollar, will perform a lengthy due-diligence check, before making you a firm cash offer.

Some judgments look like gold, the ones where the debtor has massive available assets (and other factors also look good). Judgments that look like gold usually fetch good cash up front prices. When a judgment is “gold”, future payment of 30-50% of the recovered amount, may get you money almost as fast as selling it outright – with the required due-diligence.

See our JudgmentShopping, and our Quick Judgment Buyer articles.

Even if you need cash right now, how quickly your judgment sells and how much cash it will bring does not depend on your needs or wants, it depends 100% on the judgment debtor’s asset situation.

How much you get for your judgment does not depend in any way on you, or your situation or needs, or JudgmentBuy, or even the expert, buyer, or lawyer JudgmentBuy refers you to. Everything depends on the available assets of the debtor. With tough judgments, there is no way money can come quickly. JudgmentBuy.com is your best chance.

How much can you get? We cannot provide exact numbers, nobody can, without due diligence on the debtors and their situations. When the debtors are rich, even future payment contingency recovery is often very quick.

If your judgment is good (debtors have more available assets that it takes to satisfy the judgment) JudgmentBuy will find a solution quickly for you to evaluate.

When your debtor has lots of assets, cash up front sales are less important, because JudgmentBuy quickly finds you a top-notch aggressive Judgment Enforcer, and you will likely get a lot of money quickly.

Someday you may want a contingency enforcer to recover your judgment, which could get you money, even when there are no cash buyers for your judgment. With JudgmentBuy, all you have to do is send us a copy of your judgment, the debtor info you have, and just wait for Judgmentbuy to find you a future-payment (contingency, never a cost to you) judgment expert. You are not obligated to JudgmentBuy in any way.

Why are most judgments only worth pennies on the dollar?
Three reasons: One reason is that bankruptcy can make a judgment worthless. The second reason is that nobody knows what a judgment is worth – until after it has been enforced and satisfied – over time. The final reason is the economy, many judgments will never be enforced as many debtors will remain broke.

There is no guarantee any judgment can be enforced. Judgments are not cash. In certain cases someone may buy your judgment for pennies on the dollar. E.g., if the debtor has lots of available assets – one can sell a judgment outright – for somewhat more than a few pennies on the dollar.

How can you maximize the price a judgment buyer will pay for your judgment? Make a list of the debtor’s assets or hire a private investigator to perform an asset report on your debtor. An impressive list of debtor assets will vastly increase the price someone will be willing to pay for your judgment.

Many people agree that getting (e.g.) 50% later (often including future accruing interest) is better than a tiny fraction of 50% now.

Never rely on an estimate on the time it will take to make a debtor pay off a judgment. Most likely it will bring you money in the future. It might be tomorrow, it might be a year from now, it might be 10 years from now, and it might be never. Starting with JudgmentBuy vastly increases the chances of judgment money coming your way one day.

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