Sinus Cleaning With Medical Weed

August 12, 2023


This article is only my opinion, based on my own experience, and I am not a doctor; and cannot give anyone any medical advice. I am a judgment broker that writes often. If you ever need any medical advice or have a medical problem, please contact a doctor.

Like most people, I had no idea how well medical weed could easily clean out my sinuses (your mileage will vary). If you have a sinus problem, you might want to visit a weed doctor, and then buy a variety of medical weed that does not get you high.

For me; taking a puff of medical weed makes my sinus rinsing at least twice as effective, and sometimes a puff of medical weed can eliminate a need to rinse my sinuses. My theory is, the smoke goes deeper into my sinuses, so they drain better. For me, a few puffs of weed and gargling and rinsing with water usually works better and much faster than nose rinsing. I remain sober, and my need to rinse my nose (more than once a day) is vanishing. This is something no other RX pill could do.

Here is my story: I have a unique medical situation, I get totally congested sinuses after big meals. Doctors think my problem is mental, but they are fools.

Business is currently slow, mostly because of the economy. Thanks to redesigning my business to be less stressful, avoiding negative and stupid things whenever I can, keeping busy, and moderate usage of legal medical weed, which does not get me high at all; I am recovering quickly. Also, I am determined to stay happy and remain sober, even if not yet rich.

I have mediated for 10 years, and can no longer feel anger, depression or hate, or be bothered by stupid things or people. I now focus on my health and happiness, how I treat others, my business, my chores, and constantly updating my massive content on the web. nuses to make about 100 times too much mucus.

I had almost lost all my teeth, and spent way too much time rinsing my nose. I went to many doctors, and they did CT and MRI scans and many other tests, found nothing physically wrong; and eventually referred me to a shrink that prescribed me Prozac. Prescribing Prozac for a sinus problem sounded crazy to me, but I trusted my shrink. See: www.judgmentbuy.com/MyProzacNightmare.html

Because of Prozac, I spent almost a month in hospitals and lost 60 pounds. After I started to recover, my shrink later told me I was very sane, and there was no need to see her again, or take any other drugs; and reluctantly agreed with my plan for moderate usage of medical weed to clear my sinuses.

I went to a medical weed doctor, brought them my medical records, and told them I did not want to get high, but I needed to clear my sinuses, and the doctor recommended White Empress, one of the 50,000 or so varieties of weed that would not get me high or impair me in any major way. While all drugs have side effects, weed seems far safer than 99% of other drugs.

I went to a weed dispensary. They sold me $10 worth of White Empress. I now rinse my nose 1-2 times a day, and take about 4-6 puffs of White Empress a day. I remain sober, the side effects are clean sinuses, no more vomiting, no more pills, and now the only drugs I take are: coffee in the AM, a few puffs of weed a day, and a melatonin tablet at night.

My teeth are now fixed (however I must take a lot of time taking care of them). I threw away all the doctor’s RX pills, and my health is gradually improving. I no longer take sleeping pills, because weed synergies with Melatonin and helps me sleep well. I am curing myself for about $20 a month with medical weed, and I remain sober. I thank God for weed, after years of suffering, it is curing me. Most doctors seem to be ignorant about weed. Most tell me medical weed is very dangerous and I should go back on Prozac. No way, Prozac is incredibly dangerous.

For me, medical weed is safe, and keeps me healthy and sober. Medical weed saved my life, and lets me work. The side effects are a clean sinus, being slightly relaxed, and not impaired at all, like all the RX drugs did to me. If you are sick, and your doctor gives you pills that cause horrible side effects, why not try medical weed? There are many varieties that do not get you high, and may fix you when nothing else can. What do you have to lose trying medical weed? Due to my dental reconstruction, I must spend many hours in the bathroom, where medical weed usually means no nose rinses are needed, and music makes it a party.

A warning: Medical marijuana works so well for me, one night I over-did it and depleted my electrolytes. I was not high, however had to rinse my nose again at night, to get rid of the amazing amount of loosened sinus junk. So, like any other “drug”, take care not to over-do it. I took 10 puffs, and it cleared out 95% of my sinus congestion, and it did not get me high, and I am now working on this article. My smile comes from clean sinuses, not the White Empress medical weed. The side effects of taking too much weed (for me) was an overly clean sinus, and being sleepy.

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