Takes up to 95 days to get my Money?

August 13, 2023


Q: My debtor did not go bankrupt, so why do I have to wait 91 days to get my money?

Q: I have a problem with the Judgment Enforcer’s purchase agreement contract – the judgment Enforcer gets to keep the money for 95 days after they receive it?

A: Judgment enforcers do not always wait 95 days to send you your money.
The 95 days is the maximum of the:   90 day bankruptcy give-back rule;   plus 1 day for notice of that;   plus up to 4 days for first class mail for their check to reach you.

This is a maximum – and not every judgment enforcer’s standard business practice. Bankruptcies are on the rise – so they are now cautious. That maximum time of 95 days protects judgment enforcers – but they do not always need that protection. When they are confident the debtor will not or can not go bankrupt – or when payment is made by a trusted entity – they usually pay you quickly, within 30 days of cashing the check – usually 15 days after the check clears.

Also, while the person/company you sued – may have been doing well when you sued them – or be doing well so far – there is no guarantee of available assets – and/or them avoiding bankruptcy in the future.

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