Talking About Judgments

August 13, 2023


I am a judgment expert who writes often. Everyone in the judgment business has received many telephone calls that seem to be a waste of their time. Sometimes, after listening and gently explaining “judgment-reality” to a judgment owner, a judgment expert will think they have made a sale. However, it turns out that many people just want/wanted to talk at length (sometimes this is a vast understatement); about their judgments with many people, before perhaps eventually choosing one expert to attempt to recover, or buy their judgment. Some people shop their judgments until they expire.

The questions people asked us are sometimes amazing: For example: “What is your telephone number?” (The same number they just called.) What is your email address, is it the same as on your website? Is it spelled the same? Do I have to call you before I send you an email? Is your fax number the same as on your website? Is your address the same as on your website? I have a $30K judgment, will you pay me $29K for it?, etc.

We kept politely answering people for years, however such people almost never sent their judgments. We recently decided to no longer take live telephone calls from the unwashed public.

Many judgment experts have learned not to put their phone numbers on websites, or to put fake phone numbers on judgment recovery organization member list websites. Many creditors do not understand that judgment recovery takes a long time, and some people call judgment enforcers way too often.

At our company, most of the calls we got were from time wasters, sales people, scammers, clueless people, telemarketers, tire-kickers, etc. Even when the telephone call was from a real judgment owner, most of them followed one of these three patterns:

1) “I was on your website and…”. The problem is they were unwilling to read the front page of the website. Such people just quickly scan for a phone number, and want you to explain everything several times in full detail; what they could have read for themselves, if they had just invested 30 seconds.

2) Professional judgment shoppers that hold onto their problem, ignoring reality and letting wishful thinking stop them from choosing a solution. After a judgment expert first listens carefully and then explains their terms; the shopper says thank you, and that they will send their judgment soon, and they hang up. Then, they call every other judgment company they can find, hoping to find an answer different from the truth, which is that everything depends on the debtor.

3) “I want to tell you the complete background story about the scoundrel that ripped me off”. These callers wanted to discuss their own problems, and the long version of their story; were unable to come to a point or take any action. Many just wanted to talk, and have their speech prepared, that they have told fifty judgment companies, and then tell you that exact same story.

For a few months, we tried asking people if they have a computer, and whether they have seen our website, and are they going to send their judgment? If they had a computer, however said no, they will not visit our website, and will not send their judgment; we simply told them sorry, we cannot help you, said goodbye, and hung up.

Recently, the problem has become so bad, we decided to turn off our incoming Skype phone line (by simply quitting Skype). We still get emailed when people call, if they left a voicemail. This decision came after several years of our wasted time listening to angry ex-spouses, long story tellers, liars, rude people, people not listening, or arguing with us and/or reality.

When we got a voicemail notification email from Skype, we looked up the number with Google and checked if it is a scammer or a telemarketer. If so, we did not even open Skype. If the Google search does not show anything bad, we opened Skype and listen to the voicemail.

If the caller did not leave an intelligent message (some just cursed, sighed, or groaned), we did not call them back. We used Skype because of it’s unlimited blocking ability, and when extra stupid and/or mean people called us, we simply hung up and blocked their telephone number. Some blocked callers kept trying to call us again several times a day for weeks.

We stopped calling back seemingly clueless judgment owners, even when they left us a voicemail. For example, some said they “saw our website, and asked us to call them back to discuss their $1,000 judgment; and if we are interested, we better call them back right away”. We stopped calling such people back, because our website is very clear. It always have and always will told people to follow step 1, and there was no reason to call us if they cannot understand step 1. We have learned that usually, less intelligent people call, and smarter people send emails and/or their judgments. We are always ready to help those ready for action on their judgments.

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