The California Association Of Judgment Professionals

August 9, 2023


This article is about the respected California Association Of Judgment Professionals (CAJP), www.cajp.org a nonprofit tax exempt educational organization, started at a 1999 conference in Bakersfield, California. Attendees of this first 1999 conference were: Michael Leseney, Bob Gilroy, Chris Gilroy, Joe Ehret, Tess Saich, Jeff Saich, Walter Steinmann, Buddy Evans, Bob Stack, Matt O’Donahue, Richard Enikes, Christina Smiley, Petra Allius, Patrick Bulmer, Rick Calvin, and Jayni Calvin.

The CAJP is primarily an educational organization to help educate and train judgment recovery professionals, and also to raise the awareness of the importance of independent judgment enforcers with the courts, the media, and data providers.

The CAJP is based in, and is most useful for judgment recovery professionals in California, it has members nationwide. The primary benefits of the CAJP include its awesome annual conferences, almost monthly webinars, discussion lists, and a forum, live training events, and educational seminars, and access to data services.

The complete list of the names of who started the valuable CAJP entity is important, but it is difficult to determine an exact list with certainty. Like many great entities, there are many people that helped, are much appreciated, but are not always named in articles like this. The founders are important, but so are the other people who were most involved in the CAJP’s past, current, and future success.

Most CAJP members pay an annual membership fee, and many have volunteered to help. Except for expense reimbursements, no CAJP officer or worker gets paid.

Some of the people who have done the most to help the CAJP succeed (in last name alphabetical order) include Patrick Bulmer, Ran Bush, Rick Cavin, David Elliot, Travis Farnsworth, Ramona Featherby Donald Feltsen, Joshua P. Friedman, Allan Jones, Peter Gilboy, Alan Salls, Andres Schonviesner, Bob Smith, John Schmidt, Bob Stack, Kathy Sullivan, Walter Steinmann, David Summers, and Peter With. (Sorry if a more deserving name was not listed here.)

The CAJP was formed by judgment recovery professionals dedicated to help more effectively and consistently enforce civil court judgments. Anyone wishing to join them must pay an annual fee (conferences are extra), take a test, verify their business status, and demonstrated that they have (or will) satisfy court judgments.

I was a satisfied member of the CAJP for many years. The CAJP costs money but is a great value, especially for judgment enforcers in California.

1) A fantastic judgment discussion forum.

2) A wide selection of judgment recovery form and pleading examples.

3) Many links, special offers, and features.

At its peak, the CAJP had hundreds of members, now they have less, due to the economy. However the quality of its members are second to no other judgment association. CAJP’s members include very smart judgment professionals, receivers judges, and attorneys. The CAJP members forum answers are among the most helpful answers one can find in the judgment business.

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