The Power Of Zero

August 13, 2023

I am a judgment broker that writes often. I have learned to love the zero. In this article, zero means when nothing is coming in, and the world seems to be sleeping. Most businesses now experience many slow periods. And, for most businesses, from (e.g., 4:45 PM to 9 AM) every business day, and holidays and weekends, most of what comes in is just junk. I call such times, my zero time, that fantastic time for me to get busy and have fun.

I have learned to love the zero times. When nothing comes in, I do something constructive. Examples are chores, maintenance, working on websites and articles, smiling, listening to music or podcasts, watching comedy on TV, meditating, ripping music, exercising, petting the cat, eating, listening to phone messages, sleeping, shopping, chatting with friends on forums, relaxing, cooking, cleaning, editing or ripping music, etc.

Empty space or nothing, the vacuum of space, the zero, and the void; are not really nothing. As the Beatles song said: “the void is shining”. The zero has energy and awesome potential, and is the condition under which most things happen. Without the void (empty space), there could be no forms, structures, or living beings.

During the zero, an almost infinite array of actions are possible; including sleeping, eating, learning, working, shopping, backing up your computer, or spending time with your family, friends, or pets.

Everything flashes on and off, either quickly or slowly. Just because the sun goes away every night, does not mean we lose any sunlight. Taking any constructive action is so much better than worrying that nothing is coming in right now.

I try to focus on the now, and make it rock. When I work in the now, the future comes automatically. I will win over time, when I consistently take correct actions “now”.

It is right now and the future that counts. The power of now lets me do what is best for either now or the future. I make an effort not to think too much about the past, or all potential futures. I learn from the past, however the past does not limit my choices very much. As a Go Go’s song lyric said: “You can’t stop the world, so don’t let the world stop you”.

The complete version of School Of Fish’s “Three Strange Days” song, begins with “I’m going to change how the world affects me; I’m going to dance in the face of all that could be”. What happens or comes into one’s life cannot be predicted with certainly. What happens, often happens “Presto” (As Bullwinkle said often), within the background of powerful “zero” times.

It is best to focus more on the now, and less on the past and the future. The odds for improving your future, often depend on what you make a habit of doing in the vast number of “nows”. There is usually something you can do. Computers, mobile devices, music, and TV entertainment choices; can make things go by faster, or some tasks and types of work, a lot more fun.

Try not to cling desperately to things or people. Try to let everything happen, or help to make things happen. Do your best, and then let the chips fall where they may. For me, the zero time is where the lord/universe says: “It’s your turn”. The late Alan Watts was brilliant, Google him, and listen to him on YouTube. I agree with about 95% of what he said and wrote. Let the unknown occur and re-occur.

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