Tracking what aJudgment Enforcer is Doing

August 13, 2023


Q: I want to monitor my judgment enforcer’s progress to make sure they are working on my judgment. How can I keep track of what they are doing?

A: We must remind you that you did not hire us or the Judgment Enforcer (JE). Neither JudgmentBuy or the JE works for you. (An attorney or a collection agency can work for you.) The JE bought a judgment from you on a Future-Pay basis. (Or they bought it from you for cash up front, meaning you have no rights to know what happens after the judgment purchase.)

The average Judgment Enforcer cannot discuss every detail, or provide continuous updates. This is not something to worry about as Judgment Enforcers do not get paid unless they get money from the judgment debtor.

In judgment enforcement – things usually move slowly. No matter how you check – we recommend checking much less often than once a month. You can email the JE once in a while. You can also email us, but we are not enforcing your judgment – the JE is.

Another source of information is the same court where you won your judgment. Everything JEs do that involves actions, recordings, filings, and getting money from the debtor – is recorded there.

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