August 13, 2023

Q: What is Varolo?

A: We do not usually have time to bother messing with any Multi-level Marketing systems (MLMs). The last 200 or so MLMs we’ve heard about or looked at were pure scams. Any MLM that has no real and useful product, charges you money, or pays you only for recruiting, is not worth bothering with. A few days ago, a friend, Derek Gray told us about is the first MLM that passed our sniff test. They have a real product, fulfill a real need, and do not charge users a penny. They have two sides. Side one is they pay you pennies to watch commercials – and a bit more for recruiting others to watch commercials. Side two has the same commercials with advertisers that pay them a few pennies when someone actively views an ad. expertly solves a problem. We are all exposed to way too much advertising, and we all ignore most of it. We fast-forward past commercials, or use commercials as our time to visit the rest room or get a snack. On the web, banner ads and pay-for-click ads are losing their effectiveness.

Our cable DVR box tries to keep commercials in front of us. When we fast forward, it always runs into the show. The stopping points seem to be 3 commercials back. We turn down the sound to avoid the commercials. has solved this commercial problem, because you choose to see the commercials that interest you, on your own schedule. There is another benefit – you get to grade the commercials from 1 to 5 – which provides valuable data for the advertisers. It also gives one a sense of satisfaction to be able to grade a commercial. Being paid to grade a commercial makes them fun, instead of being an annoyance. has ways to prevent you from ignoring their commercials. There is a quick test sometimes, and you only have 15-20 seconds or so, after a commercial plays, to grade it. You can configure which type of commercials you want to see. Most people spend only 5-10 minutes a day on their site.

Their web site is not perfect, to learn anything about them, you must watch a 2-minute video, then to sign up, watch another 5-minute video. The videos are interesting, and we did not mind watching them. To proceed on their site, you click on “your profile” – however there is no profile to fill out. However, these are minor glitches, sign up is quick, and they ask you very few questions.

Sometimes they temporarily run out of ads to show. It seems as if most of their bigger companies running ads, only want to show them in prime time. The reality is – web viewers are known to surf very early in the morning or very late at night. If they run out of ads, just try again later.

The benefits are that you get paid for watching commercials, you can grade commercials, and you can earn money for recruiting. We feel good letting people know about this company because they are real, and they are helping to solve a problem.

We will soon be advertising with them for our business. We cannot imagine a better place to advertise than Everyone that views a commercial there has some interest in watching it, and must give feedback on it. That is a lot better than most advertising, that washes over glazed eyes. is easy, and it is a great way to make a little money, and watch short commercials while on the phone with a windbag, or when working on something, or waiting for something, or when nothing else is going on. It gives us great pleasure to grade the commercials, earning money during slow or multitasking times.

How much do you earn? At first, not much, less than $1 a week, however you get entered into their weekly $500 jackpot, and earn points you can redeem for goodies, and you can earn a lot more money by introducing others to It’s free and fun, perfect to pass time when a long winded person is on the phone or it’s a bit slow.

Best of all, it is on the web, on our schedule, with no penalty for not watching. If a phone call comes in, we just turn down the sound, and 10 minutes later we can replay the commercial, and make a bit of money that adds up. is the future of advertising. It was the best MLM on earth as the product is human attention. You do not need credit card, there is no product to store or ship, no obligation, no quotas, and they help advertisers and their commercial-viewing members.

Alas, shortly after this article was first written, Varolo changed – they raised the price to advertise, and stopped all prizes for users. The prizes were considered the best part by many. Too bad.

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