What Forms doJudgment Enforcers need?

August 13, 2023


The forms a judgment enforcer sends to you, in most states, are:
1) An “Agreement To Purchase Judgment” contract.
2) An “Assignment Of Judgment” form – that you need to get notarized.
All is explained in a cover letter – and all is easy to read. (No fine print.) Everything is filled in – just sign, notarize, and mail. They sometimes provide a stamped and addressed return envelope and their business card. (If you wish to get these documents faster, they can email you a PDF of these, which you will have to print out.)

Can JudgmentBuy send you a sample? No, because JudgmentBuy owns no judgments, and every judgment enforcer (or collection agency or contingency collection lawyer) has their own set of paperwork tailored to the judgment, and the State where the court and the debtor are. The judgment enforcer or attorney JudgmentBuy refers you to, will send you their forms, customized to your debtor’s location and the judgment situation.

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