What if I want my judgment back?

August 13, 2023


Q: If I am not happy with a judgment enforcer’s service, do I have a legal right to ask them to give the judgment back to me so I can find another judgment enforcer? If so, how much I owe you or them, if anything?

A: First, judgment enforcers are not a service, they now own your judgment, and have an obligation to pay you if they recover money (above their court-approved costs). Second, if nothing is collected you don’t owe anyone anything. Third, judgment enforcers are entities who bought your judgment. If the debtor has assets showing – you might “be happy”. If your debtor has no assets showing – you might not “be happy”. (Happiness is a choice.)

When you use a collection agency or a collection lawyer to recover your judgment, you retain ownership of your judgment, and JudgmentBuy refers you only to the best.

When a judgment enforcer buys a judgment, it has to be without recourse – meaning it is not up to you when or if you get it back. This is not our idea, it is the law – it is the only way a judgment enforcer can enforce a judgment that did not start out belonging to them.

If several years pass – and the judgment enforcer cannot find any of the judgment debtor’s assets – then if you ask – they may decide return it to you. (If the enforcer has spent money, they usually add that to the debtor’s debt – and they may ask you to reimburse them for what they spent.)

Keep in mind, if a qualified judgment enforcer (local to the debtor) cannot enforce this judgment, it is very unlikely anyone else can either.

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