What is judgment enforcement about?

August 13, 2023


At every courthouse – there should be a sign that says:
         “When you win a judgment – don’t expect to be paid”.

When you win a civil money judgment – very often, the debtor won’t (or can’t) pay you. Many people are surprised to learn – that the court does not help you get paid – and refers you to books or ways to learn how. The books and the ways are not easy.

Enforcing judgments is usually time-consuming and expensive. It is easy to make a mistake when enforcing judgments.

Some people try to enforce the judgments themselves – spending lots of effort, time, study, and money – with mixed results. Many people eventually give up – and their judgments sit in a drawer until they expire.

If you outsource the enforcing of the judgment – you do not spend any money or time – or have to learn obscure laws and forms. You can outsource the enforcement of your judgment – that is JudgmentBuy’s specialty.

JudgmentBuy matches your judgment with the best judgment expert to buy (either cash upfront, or for much more on a contingency future-pay basis) your judgment.

JudgmentBuy leverages the advantage of a local expert for of your judgment. This vastly increases the likelihood of getting money back from your debtor. You then get (e.g.) 50% of the recovered money (sometimes including interest) paid to you, or cash upfront, especially if the debtor owns property.

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