Why are your Judgment Statistics not Encouraging?

August 12, 2023


Q: On your web site, you guys seem more depressing than any other judgment web site, why send my judgment to you, when other sites guarantee they will get me money for my judgment?

A: Why would you send your judgment to someone that lies to you? JudgmentBuy tells the truth, that most judgments are never enforced. A judgment sitting in your desk drawer has zero chance of getting enforced. Sending your judgment to JudgmentBuy dramatically increases the chance of you getting some money from your judgment.

Most judgments (at least 90%) are never recovered at all. Nothing is ever guaranteed, and the majority of judgments will never be recovered. Anyone that promises exact future performance is lying to you. Sending your judgment to JudgmentBuy is the smartest thing you can do with a judgment. Even though JudgmentBuy is the best, we cannot guarantee you will get any money for your judgment.

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