Why did it Cost so muchto Enforce my Judgment?

August 13, 2023

Enforcing judgments is sometimes complex and expensive. Judgment Enforcers try to both minimize costs – and to get the debtor to pay the all costs. When the situation or debtor are difficult – costs can go up. Sometimes court and enforcement-related expenses (all very carefully tracked and counted) might cut into everyone’s profit.

Judgment Enforcers do their best to minimize all costs – but laws are not designed to make judgment enforcement cheap or easy. (In most cases this is not a problem – as either costs are somewhat modest – and/or the debtor pays them.)

Almost without exception, contingency recovery expenses are taken off the top, before the judgment money is split. If a contingency recovery attorney or expert recovers a judgment and it costs $1,000 to recover $5,000, there will be $4,000 to split as per the agreement or contract.

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