Why Did Your Recommended Judgment Buyer insult me?

August 12, 2023


Q. My debtor was in California. I sent my judgment to JudgmentBuy, and you recommended a judgment buyer to me. They offered me 2 cents on the dollar! Why did they insult me with such a low offer, and why did you waste my time?

A: The “problem” with JudgmentBuy is that we tell you the truth, and refer you to real people and companies that will actually buy or try to recover your judgment. That offer was not meant to insult you, it was an actual cash offer to really pay for your judgment. Your judgment debtor can avoid paying judgments many ways, they can change banks and even bank “off grid” by using prepaid cards, use money orders, and a variety of other techniques. If your debtor had a good job or owned property, the cash upfront buyer would have offered you more.

Note that JudgmentBuy has nothing to do with any offers our recommended expert made to you. Their offer was based on your debtor, the economy, and other factors.


You can shop the web for a year and make 200 calls, and when you find that nobody actually will pay you what our serious buyer offered, we are ready, when you finally accept what your judgment is actually worth. Of course the new cash offer, from the buyer we again find for you, might offer you less or more, depending on what changed with your debtor or the economy.

In many places on JudgmentBuy.com’s FAQ and Articles, you can see the reasons why cash up-front judgment sale prices are low. In summary, because they are risky and the economy is bad. If you want more money, JudgmentBuy can refer you to the right future-pay contingency recovery expert. With a crappy economy it is often very difficult to sell a judgment for cash upfront.

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