Why do you need a copy of my Judgment?

August 12, 2023


Q: Anyone can look up my case on the court’s web site – so why do you need a copy of my judgment?

A: Court web sites are not 100% reliable. They are usually reliable – but dates and amounts on court web site are not guaranteed to be accurate. That is why JudgmentBut, judgment buyers, judgment enforcers, and the courts, all need an actual copy of the judgment.

If your court lets you download a PDF of the judgment – please do that for us, and send us the PDF. If you used an attorney, perhaps they have a PDF copy or a paper copy of your judgment. If you do not have a copy of your judgment, the court will make a copy for you for a very nominal charge. Some courts have rules that you cannot use cameras or portable devices to copy records, so you must pay the court clerk, in California there is rule CRC 1.50. (Some people use USB scanners when nobody’s looking.)

Why must Judgment Forms be Mailed?

Q. In this modern age, why must I mail judgment enforcers the required paperwork?

A: Because courts require original signatures. If a court clerk suspects a document is a copy, or has been altered in any way – they will reject it. Note, it is best to sign the assignment of judgment with blue ink so the court can better tell it is an original copy.

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