Why is my LLC debtor a problem?

August 13, 2023


Q: I have a judgment (10K) against an LLC. You told me it might take years for you to enforce, if at all. Other enforcement companies I talked to said they can enforce this really quickly. Why would it take you so long?

Q: Other judgment enforcers are a lot more optimistic than you. Why do you find and point out the problems with my judgment?

A: JudgmentBuy’s goal is to under-promise, and over-deliver. Some other people (or companies or web sites) might appear to be way too optimistic, to try to get your judgment, even if it is not an accurate assessment of the judgment situation.

The LLC judgment you showed us is suspended and seemed to have no assets. Even if the LLC previously had assets, it would take a court battle to (possibly) show fraudulent transfers, sometimes involving hiring a receiver and getting a turnover order, and more costly procedures. Such battles can be expensive and time-consuming. Very few small claims (or even your $10K judgment) are worth prolonged expensive court battles. Especially when there are no assets showing, as was the case in your LLC judgment.

Of course even on a difficult judgment like this, some judgment enforcers will certainly try (and sometimes succeed) to enforce the judgment. It just will not likely be as easy to enforce as some unrealistic people and companies told you.

We are optimists, but we do our best to tell the truth, even if the truth is not optimistic. We put some of what we know on our web site. JudgmentBuy and judgment enforcers do not use wishful thinking to get business. Judgment enforcers work hard to enforce judgments.

Some judgment enforcers will only attempt to recover or buy only “easy” judgments. (And do not buy or recover 99% of the judgments they see.) They cannot help you with a typical judgment.

Others try to recover every judgment they can get, even impossible or tough ones, and promise quick results – and will very likely disappoint you.

We can help with most judgments, but not impossible ones. This means we can help a lot of people, even if it takes a long time. When we take a difficult (that will take a long time to enforce) judgment, we do our best to tell you the truth. We also warn you that even easy judgments can turn out to be hard to enforce.

Judgment enforcers do their best to enforce judgments ASAP, and sometimes it works out that way, and that is fun. The time it takes, and the final result – depends on the situation and the debtor, not the (experienced) judgment enforcer.

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