Why JudgmentBuy is better than JudgmentMarketPlace

August 12, 2023


The world is big enough for two excellent choices to try to sell judgments for cash upfront, or get more money on a future-pay recovery of a judgment. For almost everyone, including nearly all judgment owners, we are very sure JudgmentBuy.com is a much better choice, for primarily these reasons:

  1. JudgmentBuy is active. JudgmentBuy screens every judgment and judgment debtor (using public data sources and our decade-old proprietary database expertise), and matches your judgment to exactly the right buyer or recovery solution. JudgmentBuy’s expert screening prevents you and everyone else from wasting time and money. The other guys are passive.
  2. JudgmentBuy networks with the best judgment buyers (Almost nobody buys judgments for cash upfront without significant debtor assets), contingency collection lawyers, and collection agencies that are aggressive and professional. The other guys network with the general public. Many buyers at their site flake and do not actually pay for judgments. Having thousand of unknown and flaky judgment buyers is not as good as knowing, knowing the track record of, and working with the best 20 judgment buyers in the US.
  3. JudgmentBuy has professional buyers who can offer you choices, the other guys have the general public.
  4. JudgmentBuy is free to judgment owners. The other guys charge judgment owners a fee.
  5. JudgmentBuy is the leader in free education for judgment owners. The other guys copy JudgmentBuy’s articles with our permission.
  6. JudgmentBuy offers reality, with real judgment buyers, the best collection lawyers, and the best judgment enforcers. JudgmentBuy actively screens out flakes and bad apples. The other guys let people imagine their judgments are made of gold, even when they are not.
  7. JudgmentBuy is the pioneer in expertly matching judgment owners with buyers and recovery experts. JudgmentBuy is constantly improving, and is the oldest, the largest, and the best. The other guys follow us.
  8. JudgmentBuy protects your privacy and the judgment debtor’s privacy, and we never put names, case numbers, precise judgment dates, or amounts on our web site. The other guys show too much private information.
  9. JudgmentBuy is very responsive, and quickly answers mail, emails, and faxes – even at night and on weekends. The other guys are just average.
  10. JudgmentBuy reviews and screens every judgment listing with extreme diligence and expert human supervision. The other guys work by mass automation.

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