Why JudgmentBuy is your best option.

August 9, 2023


1) Judgments are not cash, and no bank will take one as collateral. A judgment is like a fishing licence, just having one does not mean you will catch a fish. Most judgments are never enforced, why not use the best – JudgmentBuy.com. 95% of judgments sell for pennies on the dollar, because judgment debtors can evade paying by changing banks, and even bank “off grid” by using prepaid cards, money orders, and a variety of other techniques. Many judgment buyers and enforcers are flakes, and some will even let your judgment expire on their watch. Why not increase your chances of getting repaid?, use JudgmentBuy.

2) We need specific information on the judgment debtors and their potential assets, before we can help. We also need a PDF of the judgment with the court’s signature, because MS-word docs can be forged.

3) Prices paid for judgments has nothing to do with you, your need of the money, us, who you contact, what the court or your lawyer said, judgment prices paid depend 99% on the available assets of your judgment debtor’s available assets.

4) We tell the truth, many other judgment sites lie.

JudgmentBuy has more articles (and the very best and constantly updated) articles, FAQS and blogs about judgements than all other judgment sites combined.

5) If you want our expert help, please send specific debtor info with each judgment.

We look forward to helping you, however please respond quickly. We get about 1,000 leads a week, and most people seem to be casual shoppers; so we usually delete most leads within one week if people do not respond to our friendly (and simple) questions.

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