Why limit myself to only JudgmentBuy?

August 13, 2023


Why not shop my judgment forever?

Q: I appreciate what JudgmentBuy does, but why limit myself to just JudgmentBuy’s referrals? I’m sure there are many experts not signed up with you that might give me a better deal.

A: About 5,400 judgment enforcers, judgment buyers, contingency collection attorneys, and collection companies have signed up with JudgmentBuy.com, so far. Over 15 years, we have monitored their performance records, and now use only the (approximately 75) experts with the very best track records of successfully recovering or buying judgments.

The fact is that judgments are not cash. What price your judgment sells for, or how much you must give up, to get it recovered on a future pay basis; depends 95% on the judgment debtor. If JudgmentBuy cannot find a judgment buyer or a judgment recovery specialist for your judgment, that means your debtor is poor, or is so sneaky they seem to be poor.

If you send JudgmentBuy a judgment where the debtor has an available asset that can be reached to satisfy the judgment, we find you a solution fast.

You will not find a judgment buyer who will pay more than JudgmentBuy’s buyers, only those that falsely claim they will. You will not find a lower (successful) recovery charge than JudgmentBuy’s future pay contingency experts. JudgmentBuy screens out flakes, and never refers you to those who charge up front fees.

JudgmentBuy has more long term judgment referral experience to the very best enforcers and buyers, and more expertise than anyone else. JudgmentBuy refers you for free with no hassle or obligation.

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