Why no Current Updates?

August 13, 2023

Q: The Judgment Enforcer told me they found out where my debtor was working a month ago, why have they not updated me or sent me a check yet?

A: A month is a long time for most things – but in judgment enforcement – a month is nothing. The Judgment Enforcer (JE) is still waiting for the Sheriff’s report. Was the sheriff levy successful? (They are waiting for the Sheriff’s report) Most JEs don’t update you monthly with news like “still waiting for…”.

JEs usually update you when money actually comes in. Another examples is they usually do not tell you they got your paperwork – until the court has endorsed it. Once in a while courts bounce paperwork for no valid reason, and once in a while (less than 1 out 100 times) the JE must re-send you paperwork again. (JEs count chickens when they hatch.)

Also, Judgment Enforcers cannot be as responsive as a Judgment Broker. A Judgment Broker stays in an office all day to send and answer emailse. Judgment Enforcers are busy in court and on the road, often working several judgments at once. Judgment Enforcers will get back to you, but do not always have time to instantly answer your emails, or return your calls as fast as you would like.

However, with the economy so bad, judgment enforcers are leaving the business faster than ever, and some beware that some are flakes and do not respond at all. (See our When Judgment Enforcer Flake article.)

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