Why send my judgment to JudgmentBuy?

August 13, 2023


Because JudgmentBuy is the best way to start a judgment recovery (and if your debtor owns real estate property or has other significant available assets, a judgment buyer). JudgmentBuy refers you only to pure contingency experts and judgment buyers. Nobody gets paid until you do.

We refer you to the right judgment buyer or contingency judgment recovery professional for free, with no obligation.

We pick experts, custom matched to your debtor. We have more experience than anyone else. Our recommendations are based on the track record and qualifications of (attorneys, and the best judgment buyers and enforcers), not their advertising, or any kind of “buddy system”. The expert JudgmentBuy finds for you will be better than anyone you could find with web searches.

JudgmentBuy is the simple and fast way to get the most contingency money for your judgments anywhere.

How much money can you get? We do not know (and nobody can predict this without doing due diligence, and nobody can predict the future.) What we know for sure, is that we increase your chances of getting the most money back quickly.

Almost always, you get the most judgment money on a future-pay contingency basis. Everything depends on your judgment debtor’s financial status. JudgmentBuy is the best at quickly referring you to the most qualified contingency attorneys and specialists.

Do you want to sell your judgment for cash up front? Over more than 15 years, we learned one thing very well, judgment buyers pay only a few pennies on the dollar, unless the judgment debtor owns real estate and/or has a lot of (ample and available) assets.

If you prefer a (never a cost to you) contingency recovery attorney, use JudgmentBuy when you really want the best chance at getting the most money for your judgment.

Only JudgmentBuy has a solution for almost every judgment. JudgmentBuy is here, with no obligation, to help you if another plan to get money for your judgment does not work out.

If your judgment debtor is poor the chances of recovery finding a judgment buyer are small.

JudgmentBuy speeds up the recovery of your judgment money. We are not middlemen, we are free judgment referral experts (matchmakers) that increase the chances of you getting paid faster. 

We make a modest profit from our judgment referrals. We are free to creditor. Judgment experts pay us for our judgment leads (after you get paid). We only get paid if you get your money. JugmentBuy costs you nothing, really helps, and saves you so much time.

JudgmentBuy refers you to contingency lawyers and recovery experts that charge you nothing, with no out of pocket costs for you. JudgmentBuy works much better than any other solution including lists, auctions, searching, and depending partly on advertising and guessing. The expert we refer you to, will be far better than you could find on any web search.

JudgmentBuy is a one-stop solution that saves you time and hassle. All judgments expire. Sending your judgment to JudgmentBuy avoids wasting time, or wasting time with the wrong Judgment Enforcer or buyer (JE).

Without obligating you in any way, we refer you to the right or buyer JE most likely to recover money from your judgment debtor. Because we do not personally enforce your judgment, we quickly make an informed, unbiased, and objective choice; when we match your judgment to the right expert and refer them to you for free.

JudgmentBuy never owns your judgment in any way, we offer no legal advice, and are not involved with your judgment in any way except to refer you to a better expert than you could find any other way. And, JudgmentBuy preserves your (and the debtor’s) privacy. We never share private information unless it is on a need-to-know basis.

JudgmentBuy has the best databases, connections, and knowledge to match judgments to the best JEs, buyers, and contingency collection lawyers, – closest to debtors, worldwide.

Many laws favor the judgment debtor’s side. Some debtors abscond to a different state or country, to evade paying the judgment against them. JudgmentBuy is the solution.

JudgmentBuy greatly increase the chances for Original Judgment Creditors (OJCs) to quickly get their money back from debtors.

JudgmentBuy is very valuable to judgment owners, judgment enforcers, and judgment buyers for five reasons:

1) We personally know the best judgment buyers and enforcers in every state, and know many overseas judgment enforcers, agencies, and contingency collection lawyers. We are the most “plugged in” judgment enforcement entity on Earth. We are experts at referring you to the right judgment expert.

2) We have vast ongoing experience with enforcing judgments. We have the best customized judgment referral system where you can (reasonably and realistically) name your price, your preferences, your terms. Have it your way. (If you are not informed and realistic, we may not be able to help because most future payment contingency recovery experts charge 33-50% on most judgments. 99% of judgments sell for pennies on the dollar. Please do not waste time asking for impossible terms, or terms you do not want.

3) For free, and with no obligation, JudgmentBuy introduces you (in the way you prefer) to a qualified enforcer or buyer that works close to your debtor. This greatly increases your chance of recovering money from you judgment debtor. This is done professionally and you are protected by the agreements all parties sign.

JudgmentBuy’s system, qualifications, experience, knowledge, history, attitude, reputation, and excellent customer service – makes JudgmentBuy the best way to start, and maximizes the chance of a successful recovery of your judgment money.

4) JudgmentBuy is the most friendly and responsive Judgment Enforcement entity on the planet. We are not perfect and get busy sometimes – but we always quickly return email, faxes, and snail mail.

5) We have John Adams of JudgmentBuy, the original and best judgment broker. JudgmentBuy does not hide their name or domain info on this web site. We are dependable, consistent, and here to help you. JudgmentBuy is the best way to start a successful judgment purchase or enforcement.

If the enforcer or buyer we refer you to, cannot recover your judgment fully and you get your judgment back, contact us – we can probably match your judgment with a new expert, based upon what has changed with your debtor or your brushes with reality.

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