Why should I pay a judgment enforcer?

August 13, 2023


Q: If I send the judgment enforcer a check – they will find my bank account. If I call them, they will have my phone number – why should I help them take my money?

A: By paying the Judgment Enforcer (JE) voluntarily – you save a lot of money and time – and perhaps improve your credit score too. Information like your phone number and your checking account is very easy for JEs to find. They do not need any contact from you. By cooperating with the JE, you will probably save money and hassles.

When you pay them voluntarily (even in small amounts if that is all you can afford) – you do not pay large bank fees resulting from a surprise levy of your bank money (or job wages, property, or other assets – over and over – over the years – until the judgment is paid in full.) You also do not run up your costs – which are always added to your judgment debt.

By paying voluntarily – you get to choose when, and how much to pay – and there are no added costs, hassles, or surprises. See our How to Levy a Bank Account article.

Communicating with a judgment enforcer (email is best) is always a good idea. Also, ask yourself – why would the JE interrupt or hassle someone who is paying them? When you pay them voluntarily – you are saving both of you time and money. If you lose your job or have a bad month/quarter – most JEs will be patient and work with you. A JE’s goal is to get the judgment paid now or over time, not to cause you extra hassles. judgment enforcers want to work with debtors who want to work with them.

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