Why Trust a Judgment Enforcer?

August 13, 2023


JudgmentBuy is no obligation, free, and no paperwork. JudgmentBuy never takes ownership of any judgment. Our only purpose is to refer you to the right judgment buyer, contingency lawyer or agency, or judgment enforcer. There is no way JudgmentBuy could or would ever “rip you off”.

Everything a Judgment Enforcer (JE) does (including Motions and Orders) to seize money from the debtor becomes a public record. This means you can see a JE’s money recovery-related actions at your local courthouse or court’s web site.

When the enforcer finds an asset and attempts to grab it – they first get approval from the court to do so. That approval is recorded at the court – available for you to inspect or copy. When they get the debtor’s money – that too is recorded with the court.

When the JE finally recovers as much money as is possible to repay the debt owed by the debtor – they file a notarized Satisfaction of Judgment at the court. All JE actions involving getting money from the debtor becomes a public record. No money can be hidden from you, once you visit the courthouse and look at your judgment file.

Look at any court or court’s web site (E.g. – the court closest to we used to recover judgments ourselves – the Santa Clara County court’s web site) and search for JudgmentBuy or John Adams of JudgmentBuy – Mark is always the Plaintiff or the Assignee, never the defendant or debtor.

About John Adams of JudgmentBuy – he is easy to verify, and to find, and find online. Almost everyone in the judgment enforcement business knows him and my excellent reputation. He multitasks very well. He has a lawyer relative in the family who gives him great advice. He meditates an hour a day, listens to Len Tillem and Bill Handle when he can. (But Bill Handle is wrong when he says Judgment Enforcers should charge no more than 20%, his show is mostly very entertaining.) He stopped listening to AM radio when those shows were cancelled, however you can still listen to their podcasts. (You can search Itunes for JudgmentBuy’s podcasts).

MRK was a member of the California Association Of Judgment Professionals, and other professional organizations. Also, his long time history in Silicon Valley shows he is both a “good” guy and a GoGuy – not a fake or a flake. He was an assistant moderator at the National Judgment Network. He ran GoGuys, Inc, a California C corporation for 10 years.

You can check out any Judgment Enforcer with similar reality checks. There are mostly good guys in the judgment recovery business.

If a Judgment Enforcer we recommend burns you, they are also burning JudgmentBuy, and the person who referred your judgment to us. They could be sued by you or us. Also the reputation they earned for so many years, would be instantly lost. And, they would be banned from JudgmentBuy’s database and referral network, and we would never use them again.

JudgmentBuy continuously monitors, and has ongoing business relationships with our judgment buyer and enforcer partners. JudgmentBuy vastly reduces the already tiny chance of running into a “bad apple” Judgment Enforcer.

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