You didn’t Tell Me Money Was Taken?

August 13, 2023

Q: My debtor called me, and said the judgment enforcer took money from their bank account (and/or) wages – why didn’t the judgment enforcer tell me?

A: The Judgment Enforcer (JE) would have told you soon. There is a long delay between when the Sheriff takes assets – and when the JE gets a check. When the JE cashes a big check from the Sheriff, the debtor, or the debtor’s lawyer (and the check clears) – the JE almost always lets you know. The debtor made a harmless error by contacting you – they should have contacted the judgment enforcer.

If you are worried about a judgment enforcer getting money and never telling you, just go to the court house and pull the case file and look to see what happened. Anything done to levy the judgment debtor’s assets or satisfy the judgment is a public record.

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