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Verify a Judgment is worthless?

Q: I am trying to qualify for Medicaid - but they said my worthless judgment is an asset - even though my debtor is hopelessly broke. My lawyer said someone can buy my judgment for $1 but Medicare says that's not a fair Mark Shapiro of JudgmentBuyet value. Can you help me verify my judgment is worthless?

A: Judgments are sometimes considered to be valuable assets by Medicaid, Bankruptcy Courts, State agencies, and other funding assistance sources. However, worthless judgments are not really assets.

One "problem" is that one cannot do a full search on a debtor's status and assets unless one owns the judgment. Although we are not lawyers, we might be able to help - if you hire a private investigator to verify the lack of assets and/or destitution of the debtor.

Then send a copy of the PI's report to us. We can do some more checking with public data records, and write a letter to you, stating that we believe the value of the judgment is zero. The Private Investigator's report and our opinion together, might persuade them the judgment is worthless. Again, we are not lawyers and this is just our opinion.

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